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The Knight of Salford

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It was 1999 FA Cup semi-final at Villa Park. Arsenal were piling pressure on a 10 man United side, with Roy Keane sent off for a rash challenge. United pushed the game into extra time, but were still struggling to find possession over a dominant Arsenal side. Five minutes into the second half of extra time Ryan Giggs, intercepted a cross field pass from Patrick Viera and, set off on a brilliant run that took him past four Arsenal defenders before he drilled a fierce shot into the nearside roof of the net. It was a goal of the highest quality, and Giggs impromptu celebration, whipping his shirt off and twirling it above his head, became one of football’s most memorable moments.

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” — Bruce Wayne

His high work rate, unparalleled skill on the left wing, and his hunger for more success at his age are the qualities that define Giggs as a player. Writing about his list of honors and achievements is not within the scope of this article, so when someone writes a book on his past glories, you can read it to your grand children as a bedtime story.

Underneath his light stubble and mop of thick black hair Giggs is a man who chases women for sport when he is not busy training and has had affairs withcelebrities and his family members alike. His aunt Joanna Wilson calls him a ‘predator’ who can’t keep his trousers up! His dad Danny Wilson says he is disappointed at what Ryan had done and wants him to to man up, apologise to his family and take it on the chin.

It surprises me to read a estranged father talk about his sons business whilst he deserted his family and left them to fend for themselves, Giggs was just a young lad while this happened.. I wonder where his aunt was when her brother ran away from his responsibilities with his trousers up!

He may not lead by example off the field but when you put him on the pitch he breathes energy and commitment into the proceedings, something which is infectious and catches on with the rest of the squad. Last season United were trailing by 2 first half goals against Blackpool away from home. After the hour mark Giggs came on as a substitute for Gibson, and he quickly made an impact on the game by putting pressure on Blackpool’s defense by pressing for the ball. Berbatov made it 2-1 at 72′ mins and the comeback was completed on 74 minutes when Hernandez beat the offside trap when he latched onto a pass from Giggs and tucked it past the keeper.

Giggs credits his fitness to yoga which he says has helped him prolong his career, but now I wonder whether he really took up yoga out of his love for the game or just to try out a new position in bed. Whatever the reasons might be, which are best known to the guru himself, due Credit to him for reinventing himself and challenging the likes of Nani, Valencia, Park and Anderson for a place in the starting eleven.

“With great power comes great responsibility”  Peter Parker

The frailties of being a teenage pin-up, a poster boy, and the ‘Boy Wonder’ are a huge burden to live up to. It could end a player’s career just as fast as it had begun. Also the fans could pull him down hard from the top the very same way they pushed him to super stardom. If you look around you can see  Diego MaradonaGeorge Best, and Paul Gascoigne to name a few stars who threw away their life for a glass of liquor and few kicks.These players lives stand testimony to the fact that living under the spotlight could damage one’s game and  life entirely.

Giggs has always kept his feet firm on the ground despite his popularity and the money which he is earning at United. He always shied away from publicity and spotlight. He closely guarded his privacy and also his aversion to media intrusion is widely known. Giggs carved a superficial clean image for himself until the news about his affairs were aired, permanently damaging his reputation and shredding his image to tatters.

Giggs was allegedly blackmailed by Imogen Thomas , a model and former contestant of Big brother reality show, to pay 100,000 thousand pounds to keep her from sharing the story with the media.

The media was prevented from reporting details of the affair after Giggs lawyers were granted a “super injunction” by the High Court. Details linking him to the secret footballer who had obtained an injunction from court to prevent his identity from being made public were first reported here on April 14th and the news spread like fire across Twitter. As a result Giggs was all set to sue social networking site Twitter after users leaked his identity. However, his name only became public after John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP, named him in Parliament, using his Parliamentary privilege.

“Once a man has seen society’s black underbelly, he can never turn his back on it. Never pretend, like you do, that it doesn’t exist.” — Rorschach

Later his affair with his sister-in-law was splashed all over the tabloids. Natasha Giggs was supposedly having an affair behind her husband (Giggs brother Rhodri) for the past 8 years. The timing of her confession and the fact that she choose to reveal it through Imogen Thomas publicist Max Clifford (who made sure the story made news) is suspicious. More news about Natasha’s previous affairs poured in and according to these reports she had affairs with as many as three other Unitedfootballers 

Ryan’s brother Rhodri Giggs tried to hard ball him by playing the victim, but according to yesterday’s news, even Rhodri doesn’t come across as what we can call a family man.

Another notable footballer who used “Injuctions” to gag the media was John Terry. The injunction was lifted and the media had a field day reporting the affair with his England and club team-mate Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend Vanessa. Latter Terry was stripped of his England captaincy and also fell out of favor with best friend Wayne Bridge. Terry is not new to public embarrassment, considering both his parents were separately charged for crimes ranging from shop lifting to selling drugs.

Sadly both Terry and Ryan could not keep the news hungry tabloid newspaper ‘The Sun‘ from sensationalizing the stories. The Sun is part of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire ‘News corporation‘.Strangely the tabloid never ran a story about his affair and subsequent marriage, to a journalist working for his Sydney newspaper after divorcing his previous wife. He divorced his last wife too and remarried within 17 days of the divorce to the Chinese-born Deng Wendi.  Oddly ‘The Sun‘ is contesting the High Court order which prevents the media from naming Giggs on the grounds of ‘right to freedom of expression’.

“We did what we were trained to do, what we were bred to do, what we were born to do! ”  — Dilios

It was four days before the Champions League final when the Giggs affair started making news. Giggs however made a bold public appearance in Gary Neville’s  testimonial match against Juventus, just two days before the final on big final on 26th may. Ryan Giggs did everything to protect his family’s privacy but failed. With the final showdown against Barcelona looming large ahead, he could not fail his team at this crucial hour. Giggs put his personal problems behind duty, and rose to the occasion when United came calling! He put on his famous number 11 shirt for one last time before the season ends, playing in center midfield out of his usual position. United lost eventually but Giggs deserved an applause for playing as his usual self at such high level despite the numerous distractions.

“This is embarrassing to say but I have cried twice in my life watching a football player; the first one was Roberto (Baggio) and the second was Ryan Giggs”   Alessandro Del Piero 

“All of us at Juventus agreed Manchester United were the best side we met in the Champions League. They have so many talented young players and can only get better and better. Giggs is truly world class” – Zinedine Zidane

“Eric Cantona is a great player, but he’s not as good as Ryan Giggs” – Johann Cruyff

His greatness is widely acclaimed by every football fan and player across the world. Such are his achievements that we hear chants in his praise in every home, every bar, and every stadium home or way when he’s playing.

In the age of modern football where we see footballers turning their backs on their clubs to earn more money elsewhere, where fans forget the past and move on as though nothing had happened.  Ryan Giggs is a rare sight in today’s world; he has always been faithful to his club and fans throughout his career as a professional footballer. After 876 appearances, 159 goals, and dedicating 20 years of his life for his club, Giggs needs the fans to be behind him more now than they have before. The man, who gave so much for the club and its fans, deserves his faith to be rewarded with silence and privacy for himself and his family.
So when the wizard dons the red shirt to fight for honors for one more season at Manchester United, put your hands together and scream out your lungs

Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, running down the wing,
Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, running down the wing –
Loved by the reds, feared by the blues…
Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs, Ryan Giggs…

Let the noise drown the opposition chants taunting our man, let the noise bring the roof down on the away supporters stand, let the noise fill Old Trafford reverberating around the stands with 85 thousand voices chanting in unison, let Giggs hear you shout his name for one last time. Amen.


First published on Bangalore to Old trafford